The Founder Behind The Fox



Over fifteen years ago,  aesthetics, science and myself naturally found one another.

And since our meeting, the three of us have never departed; truly a continuous love affair.

It all started from a sophomore chemistry class.  I was bitten by the science bug and ran with it.  During undergrad I studied biology and chemistry. I left undergrad feeling empowered to be a woman with a Bachelors in Science.

I always loved popping pimples. It brought out the ever present nerd in me.  In fact, I used to pay friends and family to allow me to extract their zits. In high school, my best friend informed me she paid someone, other than a doctor, to “pop” her pimples.  I couldn’t believe it; people will pay you to pop their pimples!


5-7 years later, I had my first professional facial with an aesthetician.  It was AWESOME!  At that time, I fell in love with aesthetics.  I knew aesthetic facial treatments would occur as prescribed by my Aesthetician; I also knew the field of aesthetics needed to be a part of my life on a greater level.  My thirst for knowledge on the practice was endless.  I wanted to share everything I discovered with every being I came in contact with. I saw the beauty in connecting with people by helping others repair and maintain healthy skin.  My mission quickly became to create innovative ways to improve the look and life of everyday people.

The first step was to become a practicing aesthetician. I used the latest and greatest well known professional and retail brands. They were all exciting, but over time I found myself needing to create bench top custom formulations to address specific client needs. Visual improvements to their skin was my main priority.  Many of the professional and store-bought brand formulas often failed to show continued improvement in their customer's skin. This left clients yearning for the original clarity, hydration and youthful glow they experienced early on.  

After working in the aesthetic, cosmeceutical, dietary supplements, food science, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries; I stored enough experience and knowledge to recognize the need for non-invasive rapid result skin solutions.  My experience in the various FDA Regulated industries in conjunction with my 15+ years of front line aesthetic practicing birthed La’ Fox Skin Solutions and our blockbuster widely used skin revitalization system….’Years Young’.  

Our products, services, and process are unlike any other skin care system and or service program.  Our process rewards each subscriber with the ability to have product and services via subscription from professional licensed aesthetic practitioners at an affordable price.  We continually monitor clients progress so adjustments can be made to ensure each plan meets the expectation of the customer.  

The La’ Fox Effect:

  • Meets your skin Care Needs…It's Affordable, Convenient, Accessible and Effective.

  • Is your first line of defense for clear, hydrated, youthful glowing skin..

  • Is delivered via custom formulated clinical grade products, professional treatment services and skin monitoring to ensure the best results in the look and feel of your skin.

  • Discounted Product and Services when you subscribe.  The more you spend the more you save.

  • Seamless system to help clear problem skin, improve visibly aging skin and maintain healthy radiant skin.

  • Services are provided by Board Certified Licensed Aestheticians and/or Nurses trained on the La’ Fox Effect.  

Special Thank You To My Boys:

My Life’s Big Picture is to take what I’ve learned and make it work.  I learned determination and strength through my premature twin boys. They live vibrantly and to the fullest in every moment.  I am inspired by their will to make it work, no task is too great for them.  And even with all of life’s hurdles, we make it!  La’ Fox Skin Solutions make it… because we want all people to have access to bettering themselves. Our motto is to make great skin care simple, convenient, accessible, affordable and effective!   




“I’ve been a customer of La'Fox products for 15+ years.  My skin has never been better.  My face looks great and it’s so soft it feels like a baby’s skin!”